How We Work With YOU

We will conduct interviews in person or on the telephone with your designated contacts to develop a thorough understanding of your mission and programs.

We will search for compatible sources of funds through our database of over 100,000 foundation and corporate giving sources. We will identify federal and state grant opportunities. We will create a spreadsheet for you of selected funding sources with proposal deadlines and pertinent information about eligibility.

We will create a strategic plan for funding and write a compelling grant proposal template, which differentiates you from other nonprofits competing for the same funding. This template, with appropriate customization, will be the basis for all grant submissions.

We will speak directly with Program Directors to build relationships and pre-qualify our requests. Letters of inquiry will be written prior to writing an actual grant proposal, if appropriate.


The spreadsheet with funding sources will be available within two weeks after our agreement to proceed. Proposal writing begins after approval and prioritization of the funding sources.

Financial Considerations

Our fees will be billed biweekly. Payment for services is due and payable within 30 days. A cost breakdown follows:

Task Fee per Hr. Estimated Hours/Fees
Meetings/Telephone Conference Calls, Follow-up/Tracking   $50.00 2 hrs ($100.00)
Research funding sources $100.00 4 hrs ($400.00)
Grant writing/ template, First proposal   $75.00 10 hrs ($750.00)
Grant writing, Standard (5-20 pages) Grant proposal   $75.00 4 hrs ($300.00)
Press Release after funding   $75.00 2 hrs ($150.00)